The Best Green Skillet

Concerned about cookware from China? ManPans are an excellent eco-friendly alternative made in the U.S.A.

This line of PTFE Free, PFOA free hard anodized aluminum cookware is manufactured in Spokane, Washington, using an environmentally responsible manufacturing process powered by renewable energy.

So, why the heck are they called "Man Pans?" No, it's not because they're for men. It's because they're brawny pans that are tough as nails and built to last.

Best Green Frying Pan Under $50

If you've made the decision to switch to a green non stick pan, you might be wondering what's the best choice. Knowing to avoid Teflon / PTFE is only half the battle, but no one wants to waste money buying pans that claim to work miracles, only to be disappointed.

I've been testing and experimenting with these things for years, so I'll tell you the best picks for your budget. This post will be about an affordable option that also happens to last fairly long.

My Eco Friendly Bathroom Cleaner

My shower cleaning routine used to be the same as many of yours: Tilex Bathroom Cleaner for soap scum, and Tilex Mold & Mildew (or some other brand) for deep cleaning.

As much as I like the whole "spray and walk away" thing, the fumes from my bathroom sprays bothered me so bad that cleaning my bathroom was like launching some kind of scorched earth attack. I would start spraying the area furthest from the door, backing my way closer to the exit, eventually having to evacuate when the fumes started to suffocate me, my eyes started to burn, and my head started to hurt. The bleach in the Tilex did me in every time.

Then after cleaning, I would have to avoid the bathroom for the rest of the day because the residual fumes where so bad. Needless to say, this was not gonna work for me. So the hunt for an alternative bathroom cleaner was on.